Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday 11th August 2010

Well here I am, 18 months later, in a whole new country and a new job, with a new eLearning project. I am going to be elvaluating a Blackboard based education package that I was involved in last spring, where the students were Registered Nurses, engaged online to gain competencies in Direction and Delegation as part of NZ Nsg Council requirements.

I am fortunate that I am well into getting my Blackboard skills up to date, and with the launch of a new curriculum, we are trying to standardise the desktop navigation tools so it makes more sense for students moving around the blackboard interface.

Will keep you uptodate with progress, as i really want to consider better ways to use this tool in blended learning, but with eluminate add on to keep that important feeling of F2F.

Happy studying, Liz

Monday, March 2, 2009

Intro to course

I am a registered nurse and past nursing tutor of many years, having designed and implemented an 'on line' nursing informatics paper in the past; its a good way to work from a rural setting and still keep your hand in as an academic.

With students choices for learning being so diverse now, its important to consider how technology and eLearning can enhance the learning experience for all who have access to this form of technology.

Re the project, I am interested in setting up some 'on line' mini education sessions for Registered Nurses in a rural setting, and evaluate if these are perceived as 'user friendly' and helpful to their on going professional development.